Bankswood Festival

Started in 2010 Bankswoodberry Music Festival aims to deliver the newest & best local music over a 2 day outdoor festival. Organised by a group of enthusiasts, it has two simple aims, Firstly to create a great , family festival in the heart of Glossopdale, that will become the No 1 Music/Arts event in the area, and where possible to raise money for local good causes.

In 2014, the Festival joined forces with the Inspire Festival, creating an integrated Community Music festival.

The 2015 festival grew, thanks to support from the National Lottery Awards for All Fund, with upgraded our facilities, and a new stage and upgraded 2015 was going to be bigger and better than ever.

With continued support from The National Lottery Awards for All, Bankswood 16, despite poor weather on the Saturday, saw the best attendance ever, and with the inclusin of the Family Rave tent I am sure you will agree it was a fantasic weekend– you will find pictures of the event on the website.

This all means that the festival continues in delivering first class weekend for festival goers, fulfilling our other objectives of supporting up and coming bands and engineers by giving them the opportunity to work in a top class festival environment.

Looking forward, although 2017 will be a fallow year for the music festival in Bankswood Park, we will be pouring resources into creating a new festival in the town centre, with bands performing in front of the Town Hall. What better incentive could there be to demonstrate the urgent need to develop this iconic building into a premier event venue, which will enhance the commercial and artistic growth of our town? Whilst still very much in the ‘ideas’ phase, we expect plans to start taking shape over the next couple of months… so watch the website.


Bankswood festival News

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