What’s it all about?

It’s been a while since the last update and there have been a few things happening recently that have made me ask myself a question:

Why do we do this?

In particular,  two things have got me thinking:

  1. The recent Town Hall Sessions Festival
  2. Our bid to the HLF for funding for the Halls Project

The fact is, both of these things are big projects/events in themselves and it is easy to get drawn into the idea that the project/event is the objective. I think, by taking this view, we are not seeing the big picture and risk missing great opportunities.

I was watching the Lottery Awards recently and the winner of the arts award was “The Man Engine” – www.themanengine.org.uk.  Creatively it was fantastic (though it’s a terrible website IMHO!), and reportedly it had been a big hit, drawing crowds wherever it went. On one level that is great, but the danger is that unless it is used as a catalyst for more sustainable change and development it is ultimately pointless.

Looking closer to home, to the festivals we have organised in the area (Bankswood and The Town Hall Sessions), the general feedback is that we put on a good show, everybody has a great time and the feedback is (almost) universally very positive. However, this is just one weekend and is driven by a small group of people.  Ultimately, unless it evolves as part of something bigger, it will wither and die.

However, this is just one weekend and is driven by a small group of people.  Ultimately, unless it evolves as part of something bigger, it will wither and die.

Likewise, the Halls Project and the bid to gain investment in this building via the HLF. Again, unless the resulting building is being used sustainably as the centre of the arts/music scene in the town, drawing people to the area and supporting the wider economy, it will become a white elephant and we will have achieved nothing.

In other words, we only deliver real success if these projects/events are a catalyst to drive sustainable change and development in the town.

So why do we do it

We do it because we want the festivals and the Halls Project to be a catalyst for change and, as is stated on the front page of this website:

“To support the economic development of Glossop
through the promotion of music and the arts”

We want our events/projects to drive this wider objective rather than to be ends in themselves.

The value of education

As an example, let’s look at one aspect of Bankswood/Townhall Sessions Festivals which is the involvement of Live Sound students on the technical team.

Feedback from the students suggests that their involvement is of huge value for them, and makes them more employable when their course finishes. We also know that students have gained employment directly off the back of their involvement in the festivals. In these days when education (and getting a degree) is seen as the objective, what we try to do is to remember that education is about developing skills that will be useful and profitable in future life. This is much more important than the piece of paper you receive on graduation day.

Through the festivals, and our wider activities like the Halls Project, one of our aims is to broaden opportunities of this real-world experience for people starting out in their chosen careers.

Looking forward to the day when this project comes to fruition, hopefully with the support of grant funding bodies like the HLF and Arts Council, the vision is to to use the facilities within the complex – music venue, creative and retail space, catering space and restaurants – to give opportunities for those just starting out on their careers to cut their teeth in the real world, alongside established and successful businesses; businesses which, by being part of it, help make the whole initiative sustainable without the need to become beholden to stakeholders whose primary interest is financial return. This is not however pure altruism, the belief is that through their involvement, as they develop their ideas and skills they will also make Glossop a more vibrant and interesting place to live and work.

More than a vision – Reality

At Bankswood we have already created an environment where bands and members of the technical team playing their first “proper” gig, are on the same stage as performers and sound engineers who have experience at major national and international festivals like Glastonbury. Our aim is to use the projects going forward to expand and broaden these opportunities.

In a world where three years’ higher education comes with a big price tag, or where apprenticeships can be seen as “cheap labour”, our aim is to create situations where, for students paying this price (whether financially or in reduced short-term earnings), it is a real investment in their future earning potential not simply a number of years spent gaining a qualification.

Moreover, education is just one example. By creating a supportive creative environment, we aim to encourage people to give things a go and try out their ideas. Whilst some of these will fail, many will not, and the process of trying them out will hopefully make Glossop a better place to live and work and thus help the town thrive.

So when you are enjoying one of the festivals/gigs that we put on, or are thinking about how wonderful it would be if we could create a live music venue in the Town Hall, spare a thought for the real objective – to help make the town a place where creativity has a place to thrive and grow.

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New Partnership for the Halls

Our vision for the Glossop halls is that that they become a key asset for the town, driving economic development, and owned by the community.

This vision came a step closer to reality in recent months with the formal signing of a partnership agreement, creating a body, which we see will ultimately manage the halls complex into the future.

This partnership is between 4 organisations:

  • High Peak Borough Council
  • The Glossopdale Trust
  • The Bureau (Formerly the Volunteer Bureau)
  • The Heritage Trust

Going forward, we believe that the priorities of the partners (Heritage, Community & Local government) will create the perfect platform for the project.

The priority of the partnership at the moment is managing the process of identifying & applying for appropriate funding to make the project a reality.

Currently, the focus of this activity is on an HLF bid to support the project, whatever the outcome of this bid, we believe we have a strategy to take the project forward. but more of that in the future.

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Winter 2016 Newsletter

As 2016 draws to a close we would like to thank you all for your support, and look forward to some exciting times in 2017.

This year a major milestone was reached regarding the Halls Project; we saw the start of the fundraising process with the submission of the formal introduction of the project to the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF). This led to a very positive meeting with representatives from the regional committee to discuss how to take the project forward. On the back of this meeting, we have taken the decision to move the bid from a regional to a national application, allowing us to expand the remit due to the potential increased level of funding available. Whilst competition will also increase, we are confident that the project will stand up well at the national level.

Looking forward to 2017, we are anticipating the completion of the creative strategy work in the first quarter of the year, and the intention to submit the first round HLF bid by the end of the year. This will be another step closer to realising the rejuvenation of the public halls in the town centre.

Other notable developments in 2016 have been:

  • Increased interest with HPBC in the creative industries, and their potential to enhance the economy of the town. This has resulted in the commissioning of a report into their potential and the creation of a strategy for developing the creative industries in Glossop.
  • The gathering of momentum for the plan to develop Victoria Hall as the Victoria Arts Centre. Whilst we are not directly involved in this initiative, it fits well with plans for the Town Hall, and we watch its progress with interest.
  • The relaunch of a new look whatsoninglossop.com website, which continues to be the number one events listing in the town. A particular thank you to the editor, Paul Beaumont, for his continued and significant input into the site.

Couple all the above with the very successful sixth Bankswood Festival (which, despite poor weather on the Saturday, saw the best attendance ever – you will find pictures of the event on the www.bankswoodmusic.com website) and further growth in the number of both artists and retailers involved in August’s Art in the Window event, there is no doubt that there is much potential for creativity in the town.

Although we have no direct influence in the following, it’s also great to acknowledge arts and music related activities associated with The Hadfield Art Show, Glossop Music Festival, Glossopera and The Partington Players and one can’t fail to recognize the revitalisation of the live music scene around the town with regular gigs at a growing  number of pubs and clubs – The Globe, The Oakwood, The Commercial and The Queens in Old Glossop, Glossop Labour Club, The Folk Train and The Cellar Bar sessions at the Badger Gallery in Padfield, to name a few. The creative scene in Glossopdale is definitely on the ascendancy! We expect this potential to continue to be developed in the coming year.

Whilst the Halls Project has always been a long term plan (one that it is now in its fifth year of development), I get the sense that things are gathering pace and expect the new year to be an exciting one.

Finally, although 2017 will be a fallow year for the music festival in Bankswood Park, we will be pouring resources into creating a new festival in the town centre, with bands performing in front of the Town Hall. What better incentive could there be to demonstrate the urgent need to develop this iconic building into a premier event venue, which will enhance the commercial and artistic growth of our town? Whilst still very much in the ‘ideas’ phase, we expect plans to start taking shape over the next couple of months… so watch the website.


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Funding Secured for Bankswood 2016

2016_fundersWe are delighted to announce that once again we have managed to secure the funding allowing us to continue our charging model for the festival, asking for donations rather than formally ticketing the event.

The funding, which has come from a variety of sources including, The Big Lottery Fund, Derbyshire County Council, and commercial sponsorship along side funds secured from last years festival, mean that the budget for Bankswood 16 will again be up on last year.

Families will be at the core of the Festival

Earlier in the year, we carried out some research into what people want from the Festival, and what has become clear is that Families need to be at the centre.

In 2015, we focused on the Music, and all the feedback we received suggested that that paid dividends. In 2016 the focus will be developing the Family aspects of the festival.

We are also keen to allow people to get involved with the running of the festival, and to gain experience through the event. Anyone interested in volunteering at the festival,  can find out more on The Bankswood Festival Website

You can keep in touch with whats going on at Bankswood 16 via the website 

Alternatively, if you have any ideas or would like to get involved, we would live to hear from you



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Summer Newsletter 2015

Scarily it has been well over 6 months since our last newsletter, so apologies for the gap, I will make sure I do better in future.

Part of the reason for the delay is that there has been a lot going on, with significant developments in a number of areas.

I will start with the Halls project:

Halls Project

It’s a standing joke with a couple of you, that when I bump into you in the street, and am asked “how are you getting on with the Halls project”. The answer is “It’s moving forward”, and the fact is that is is “Moving forward”, True the speed of movement is more akin to a glacier than a racing car, but the fact is that is moving!

As I said in the last newsletter, It is a large and complex project that can not be rushed. Furthermore, we see it as part of a much larger project around developing the Arts and Music scene in the town.

The halls project will move at its own pace. Our job in the meantime is to work towards the goal of developing Arts & Music within the town. This brings me on to the other projects.

Art in the Window

Following a break in 2015, Art in the Window is back this year thanks to our association with the Glossop Arts Project (www.glossopartsproject.org), with a shared desire to make Art accessible to all, GAP have this year taken on the task of managing Art in the Window. As previously the event is taking place in and around Glossop High Street during the month of August. If you are interested to find out more, you can contact GAP via twitter (@glossoparts), Facebook (GlossopArtsProject) or their website. In the meantime, enjoy some of the great art on display around the town.

Bankswood Inspire Festival

It’s exciting times for the Music festival, which this year takes place on the August bank Holiday weekend (29/30 Aug). Thanks to having secured a grant from the Big Lottery Awards for All fund, Bankswood Inspire will be bigger and better than ever.

On one level the festival is about providing an opportunity for up and coming bands and engineers to experience working on a professional stage, with a professional PA system. The Upgraded stage and PA that the funding has allowed us to bring in mean that the experience they get will be that much closer to that of a big festival.

It  also that means that this year we have been able to put more resources into attracting the best breaking bands in the region get to hear the breaking bands from the North West as they would hear the top bands playing at top festivals this summer.

The result is that through the festival we are bringing great music to the town, whilst at the same time supporting those starting out in the Music industry careers. So Put the date in your diary, and either come along and help out, or simple come and enjoy the festival. If you would like to help outy at the festival, get in touch via the website, we would live to hear from you.

Glossop at Christmas

2014 also saw the Glossopdale Trust get involve in the Christmas festivities in the town. Our involvement was at 2 levels. Firstly, we organisied 2 great events of our own (Community Carols in Norfolk Square and the In Yer face production of All is Calm in Old Glossop), and secondly we worked with other organisations (Totally Locally Glossop & Bare Necessities food bank) to bring a fortnight of coordinated events including Winterfest and the Old Glossop Victorian market.

Coming back to our own events, the Norfolk Square community carols saw children from many of the towns schools coming together to ivck of the event with carols performed by their choirs, followed by Community Carols led by The Glossopdale band and Claire Sturman form Glossoppera.

The second event put on by The Glossopdale Trust was a performace of All is calm, a commemoration of the WW1 Christmas Truce that saw Soliders from the English and German trenches coming together to play football and exchange gifts during a brief cessation of hostilities on Dec 25 1914. The production, which was in the middle of a tour of the region, including a performance at the Imperial War Museum North, played to a packed house at Glossop Parish Church.

We are planning to get involved with the festivities again this year, with a repeat of the Carols in Norfolk square, so please get in touch if you would like to be involved. You can keep informed via Twitter (@glossopdaletrst) and the website, as plans develop.

On a final note

On a final note, it is really encouraging to see other organisations start to emerge with the same goals as ours (to promote the great Arts/Music going on in the Town). We are already partnering up with some of them (eg Glossop Arts Project with Art in the Window), and Glossopera for the 2014 Christmas Celebrations, and are in close contact with the organisers of the fantastic Glossop Music Festival with a view to collaborating more closely in the future. But we are keen to extend these partnerships to other groups, so if you are involved in a group dedicated to promoting developing Arts & Music in the Town, we would love to hear from you.

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Jay Beard – “He’s a Sound Guy” – From the World Spotlight to the Local Stage.

“Will you remember us when you’re rich and famous?” It’s a question asked of many a musician as they start to get recognition, and in the case of the members of Manchester Band Elbow the answer is a definitive Yes.

elbow2The point was proved recently when they asked their longtime friend Jay Beard (who was their sound engineer as they rose to fame) to step in and engineer two gigs on their current European Festival tour.

Glossopdale Trust Director & resident live sound expert Jay, who lives in Hadfield, Derbyshire with his family, has built his career in sound engineering, and is now training the engineers of the future in his role as Head of Live Sound at SSR in Manchester.

“Sound engineering is a practical skill, and whilst technical skills can be taught in the classroom, these need to be honed in the real world. That’s why SSR put such emphasis on links with the wider industry” explained Jay

Talking to Jay, it’s clear that he believes that these links need to go in many directions.  For him stepping out of the classroom and onto the live stage at top festivals with band like Elbow, demonstrates his expertise, and allows him to maintain his skills at the top of his game. But it’s also vital to give the stars of the future (both bands and engineers) a chance to develop their craft in the real world.

It’s for this reason that Jay got involved with The Bankswood Inspire Festival in his home town of Hadfield.

“Bankswood Inspire is all about the music” explains Jay “On one level the festival is about providing an opportunity for up and coming bands and engineers to experience working on a professional stage, with a professional PA system. For festival goers that means they get to hear the breaking bands from the North West as they would hear the top bands playing at top festivals this summer. It’s a win/win situation”

Bankswood Inspire was started in 2010, when Jay got together with other local music enthusiasts with the aim to create a top community festival that showcases the best North West talent.

elbow“Although I love the buzz of being involved with Elbow at their big festival gigs, seeing the next generation of engineers making new bands sound great as they  take the first steps in their careers together, excites me just as much” explains Jay.” I was there at that early stage in Elbow’s career, and my expectation is that bands playing Bankswood in 2015 will the headliners at big the European Festivals of the future”

In 2015, with the support on the National Lottery, Bankswood Inspire is going from strength to strength. With a new stage, upgraded PA system and some of the best “tipped for the top” bands in the region, Bankswood Park Hadfield will be the place to be for music lovers on 29/30 August.

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Glossop Remembers the Town Hall

As part of our project to bring the Town Hall back to life, we asked a number of people who have sued the building in the past to give us their memories

Hopefully it will get you thinking about how it could/should be used in the future. We would love to hear your feedback.

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Great turnout for Christmas events

slo_1Thanks to everyone who turned out for the Christmas in Glossop events over the past couple of weeks.

SLO_2Both of the Glossopdale Trust events (Lights Switch on and the All is Calm performance in old Glossop) were packed out. With over 200 people watching All is Calm last Sunday Evening, Old Glossop Church was filled to capacity. Success of events like this go to demonstrate the need for a bigger venue in Glossop for this type of performance.

Together with the Christmas Market on 29th Nov and the Victorian Market on 7th Dec, hopefully you will agree that this was a great way for the community to get together to kick off the Festive season.

Thanks to Anthony McKeown for some great photographs from the switch on and Christmas market. You can see them here on his Flickr feed.


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Christmas In Glossop 2014

This year,We have teamed up with other groups in Glossop (Totally Locally, Glossop Nightstop and the Glossop markets) along with High Peak Borough Council to bring a series of events to kick of the Christmas Festivities.

You will find details of all of these events on the www.whatsoninglossop.com website. but here is a summary of whats going on.


Download a PDF of the programme for Christmas In Glossop 2014

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Autumn Newsletter

It’s been a busy summer since the spring newsletter back in March, with things moving forward on all fronts. We have had a number of outings as Bankswood Music, and the Halls project is moving forward steadily (if slowly).

One the down side, a lack of resources meant that we had to forgo running the Art in the Window Event in 2014, but we have hopes that it can rise again for 2015.

Bankswood music

Bankswood Music has had a number of outings this summer.

July, saw us working with HPBC and GALA to entertain  the crowds with live music in Manor Park after the Tour de France when it skirted the town.

Later in the summer the 4th Bankswood music festival joined forced with the Inspire Festival to create the Bankswood Inspire festival in Bankswood park, on the August Bank Holiday. A great weekend, which was blessed with great weather, and arguably the best line up yet.

Our final outing was just last weekend when again we brought live music to the annual Manor Park Bonfire Spectacular which was once again, expertly organised by the Glossop Round Table.

Glossop Halls

We often hear criticism for how slowly this project is moving. It is a large and complex project that can not be rushed, but rest assured it is moving forward, with some significant steps being taken over the summer.

Firstly, and very significantly, The Glossopdale Trust have now officially been named by HPBC as the partner organisation for the Halls project, and they have formally acknowledged their intention to transfer the Halls to us (subject to a workable & sustainable plan for the future of the buildings). This step has opened the door for us to apply for funding to support the project. This application is now in, and we are awaiting news.

We are currently starting work on  quantifying the size of the project and looking for sources of funding, including the preparation of a submission to the Heritgage Lottery Fund.

As this project moves forward, we are very keen to involve the whole community in developing a future for these buildings. Looking to inspire this involvement, we have created a video exploring some of the history of the town hall through the memories of people who have used the hall in the past. This video will be available on Youtube and our website in the coming weeks.

Looking forward

Looking forward, we are heavily involved in the Christmas celebrations in Glossop, with events on 29th November and 7th December as part of the “Glossop at Christmas” event in the run up to Christmas. (More information can be found on www.whatsoninglossop.co.uk).

Looking further ahead, we will continue to work on the Halls project, are already starting to plan Bnakswood Inspire 2015, and resources permitting, would like to see Art in the Window Return next year.

As always, if you or anyone you know would like to get involved, or simply show your support, head along to www.glossopdaletrust.org.uk website and sign up.


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Bankswood Inspire 2014 – Best yet

Crowds_outside_howardtown_bar_watching_the_coustic_stageThe Bankswood Inspire festival took Place over the August Bank Holiday weekend, and feedback suggests that it was the best yet.

Helped along by the  beautiful weekend weather, this years festival saw over 15 bands perform on the 3 festival stages along with dancers, speakers and a puppet show to create a great atmosphere over the 2 days.

Thanks to everyone who supported the festival and came along. We would love to hear your feedback, good and bad, so that we can make it even better next year.

Watch this space for more photos as they come in and follow BankswoodMusic on Twitter and Facebook to keep up to date with news of next years festival.


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Glossopdale Trust partner with HPBC to bring new life to Glossop’s Halls

After lengthy discussions and consultations, we are now delighted to announce that The Glossopdale Trust has been named as the preferred partner to work with High Peak Borough Council to bring Glossop Town Hall, Market Hall and the Municipal Buildings into community ownership, creating a vibrant heart for the town.

The Glossopdale Trust is a Social Enterprise with an open membership policy that was set up in 2012 with the objective of:

“Supporting the economic development of Glossop
through the promotion of music and the arts

It was quickly identified that one issue was that Glossop lacked a central focal point, and that the Public Halls complex presented an ideal opportunity to create this. It was this thinking that led the Trust to open discussions with HPBC about a possible future for the halls.

The Trust has a vision that the halls will become:


The decision by the Council to partner with the Trust brings this vision a step closer to reality.

The next step is to look at funding options for the project and, with this in mind, we have created a joint project board comprising key members of the Trust working alongside HPBC to develop a bid to the Heritage Lottery Fund, and to explore other avenues for funding the project.

“These buildings are in desperate need of development, and we are keen to work with the community, and with current occupants to create a facility that benefits both them and the wider community of Glossop”, explains Duncan Wright, Chair of the Glossopdale Trust. “Our vision is to exploit the commercial opportunities presented by the Municipal Buildings and to work with the current occupants in the market to create a vibrant retail destination, integrating arts and crafts into an expanded high quality market, owned and run by the traders. We can then utilise the economic benefits realised by this plan to support the less commercially orientated community aspects of the complex.

The final part of the plan is to develop the currently derelict Town Hall into a modern, inviting community space that can be used for a wide variety of activities including music and drama performances, exhibitions, weddings, parties and other community events.”

The Trust is keen to engage with all members of the Glossop community on this project and anyone interested in getting involved, or wanting further information on the Trust’s plans for the Glossop Halls can contact The Glossopdale Trust via the website www.glossopdaletrust.org or email Duncan personally on duncan@glossopdaletrust.org.

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Allez Glossop

The trust were delighted to be involved the Allez Glossop event in Manor Park yesterday.

Default Gallery Type Template

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We were asked by DCC and HPBC to add some music to the event which broadcast the Tour De France Stage on a giant screen in Manor Park as it swept over Holme Moss and into Derbyshire, before turning left over the Woodhead Pass to Sheffield.

Bankswood Music (Part of the Glossopdale Trust) organised music to entertain the crowds after the race had finished at 4:30 through to the close of the event at 7:30.

With 3 Local, North West bands performing:

  • The Curragh Sons
  • Victorian Dad
  • Rosie Arnfield & Paul Higham

It was a great foretaste of what to expect at the Bankswood Inspire Festival on 23rd & 24th August.



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Spring Update 2014

It’s been quieter over the last few months, not surprising as most of our activity (Art in the Window & Bankswood happen at the back end of the summer),  but nonetheless there has been a lot going on behind the scenes, and things are starting to build momentum again as spring kicks in. Not least with the Glossop Halls project, but more of that later.

Bankswood Inspire Festival

One of the notable developments over the past few months is that Bankswood has joined forces with the Inspire festival to create a great family friendly community music festival. The combined event will take place on the August Bank holiday weekend in Bankswood Park, Hadfield.

Those living around Bankswood park will also be pleased to know that one result of this merger will be that the fairground at the festival will be (quite literally) much smaller this year!

Tour de France comes to Glossop (well almost!)

We are delighted to be involved with an event around the Tour de France’s visit to the area. Although the cyclists will not be coming through our town, the plan is to create a spectator hub in Manor Park on the 6th July (alongside Glossop’s annual Carnival) with giant screens for people to watch the race.

As part of this event, Bankswood Music (part of the Glossopdale Trust) is planning to put on a number of bands in Manor Park. Keep an eye on the Bankswood Music website (www.bankswoodmusic.com) for more details of this event as they become available.


We are also happy to say that we have recruited a new editor for www.whatsoninglossop.com. In the last couple of weeks, the management of the site has been taken over by Paul Beaumont, who will now be responsible for making sure the site is THE resource for finding out what’s going in in and around Glossopdale. If you have an event that you would like to promote on the site, either contact Paul on events@whatsoninglossop.org, or submit the event via the website.

Glossop halls

This project is also now starting to build momentum, and we are delighted to be able to announce that the Glossopdale Trust has now been named as the preferred partner for the transfer of 3 of Glossop’s iconic public halls (The Town Hall, Glossop Market and the Municipal Buildings) into community ownership.

We have a vision that these halls will become:


The decision by the council to partner with us brings this vision a step closer to reality.

Anyone wanting to get more involved in this exciting project can either email us on info@glossopdaletrust.org, or contact us via the website


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Autumn Update

There has been quite a lot happening over the back end of the summer with Art In The Window running throughout August, The Bankswood Music Festival at the end of August, and continued discussions with HPBC regrading the public halls in the centre of a Glossop.

 Art in the Window

In its second year, the Art in the window event was bigger than last year with around 50 independent retailers in Glossop and Hadfield taking part, all paired up with some of the fantastic artistic talent form across the area.

Again the event was hailed a success by the shops taking part, with feedback suggesting that people had travelled to Glossopdale specifically for the event.

Plans are already in hand for 2014.

Bankswood Music Festival

Bankswood 2013 took place on the last weekend of August. This year the festival was organized in partnership between ourselves and the Glossop & Hyde district Round Table.

The weekend which saw 13 bands on 2 stages across the weekend, kicked off on Saturday morning with a soapbox race organized by the Round Table. Despite the unkind weather (especially on Sunday when the hot summer seemed a distant memory) the event was a success raising over £1500 which will go towards the running of Bankswood 2014.

These two events are now staring to become established in the local calendar, and we look forward to running them both again next year.

Bankswood Music were also on stage again at the Manor Park Bonfire, with Tony Auton and Jake Evans entertaining the crowds, and accompanying the fireworks, again ably supported by the Students from SSR in Manchester.

Glossop Halls

The other project that has been building momentum over the summer is in connection the Glossop Halls.

For those who are not aware, our objective is to work with the council with the aim of creating an opportunity to take the Halls in the centre of Glossop (Town Hall, Market Hall/Market Arcade and the Municipal buildings) into community ownership.

Although this stalled slightly over the summer with HPBC taking time to write their asset transfer policy, this is now in place, and has been passed by the council. We are now in regular contact with the council with the hope that the project will build pace over the coming months.

The Next Few Months

Over the next few months you can expect to see more of us across the town. We have already made our first foray into the big wide world with a stand in the rain at the Manor Park Bonfire, and you will find us in the Market Arcade at the Holly and Ivy Festival on 30th November, so feel free to come along to find out more about The Glossopdale Trust, and what we are up to.

We are also planning our AGM for 11th December, at Glossop Gasworks on Arundel Street Glossop. Look forward to seeing you there.


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2013 AGM

The Glossopdale Trust AGM will be held at 7pm on 11th December 2013 at Glossop Gasworks, Arundel Street, Glossop.

We will be e-mailing all members & supporters over the next couple of weeks with an invitation to the event, along with details of the Agenda.

If you would like to be included, please sign up here. You can also stay up to date by following us on twitter or facebook.

If you would like to submit an item for the AOB, please do so on-line here.

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Come and say hi at the bonfire

We are going to have a stand at the Manor Park Bonfire next week (2nd November). In addition to selling home made Parkin & Fudge, we will be there to answer any questions about what we are up to.

We are also supporting Bankswood Music who will be putting on Live music at the event.

So if you are going to the Bonfire, be sure to come over & say “Hi”. We would live to meet you.

you will find full details of the Bonfire here.

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Follow us on Twitter & Facebook

The Glossopdale Trust have just launched on both Twitter & Facebook. We will do our best to post all the latest news about the Trust and our activities on social media, so Like our Facebook Page and follow us on Twitter & we will keep you posted.

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Summer Newsletter 2013

First of all, can I thank you for taking an interest in the Glossopdale Trust & supporting what we are trying to do.

The Glossopdale Trust was set up as a community organisation and as such you, our members are most important to us. Thus ensuring that you know what we are doing is essential.

As part of this process going forward, rather than invite all members to board meeting (which was becoming impractical)  we will be producing a summary of the Trusts activities on a quarterly basis in the form of a Newsletter, the first of which is attached. These will outline any key decisions & activities undertaken by the Glossopdale Trust, and will aim to keep you informed of what we are up to. We will also publish these newsletters on our website (www.glossopdaletust.org) and welcome comments either on-line or via email to info@glossopdaletrust.org.

In addition to this, we will also aim to hold an AGM on an annual basis (as set out in our articles of association) to which all members & supporters will be invited.

Trough these mechanisms, we aim to ensure that you our supporters are kept fully informed as to our activities, and have the mechanisms to make comment and influence the decisions/directions that we take.

We hope you find the newsletter interesting and look forward to your comments.

Summer Newsletter 2013

SIB Application
The Board approved the draft tabled at the meeting held on 5th June 2013 and agreed this should be sent to Anton Schultz of Locality, requesting help with questions 7 and 8. It was also agreed to give a copy of this final draft to the council, who had asked for a progress undated.

Council Matters

Community Voice
This event had been organised by the council to talk to local groups about what is going on in the town. D Wright suggested Glossopdale Trust ought to be represented and possibly make some kind of presentation. Several agreed to attend at 6.30pm on 24 June in Bradbury House.

Meeting with HPBC
Dai Larner, who is Director responsible for regeneration, wanted to meet the Directors of Glossopdale Trust. D Wright invited representatives from the council to the Gasworks at 6.30pm on Wednesday 3 July and they had refreshments with the Directors before the July Board Meeting that day.

Bankswood Music Festival
Glossopdale Trust are now working with Glossop Round Table to organise the 2013 Bankswood Music Festival. Taking place on 31st Aug & 1st Sept, the festival aims to be a great showcase for local musical talent.

In order to support engagement with the council regarding the Halls project, we will be inviting members of HPBC and DCC to attend the Festival.

Art in the Window
Between 40 and 50 shops have signed up across Glossop and Hadfield and bill board spaces around Piccadilly booked to promote the event this year. It has been suggested there should be a press release about all four of the August ‘festival’ activities. Glossop Life had advertised Art in the Window but there was no mention of Glossopdale Trust and we will be looking to raise the Trust’s profile in future publicity. The whatsoninglossop website continues to profile the Trust and handle all public information enquiries.

New Board Members
In light of the fact that specialist skills would be beneficial going forward new members have joined the board. They are S Bullivant (Commercial Solicitor), J Beard (Live Sound Engineer and Tutor) and C Herbert (Construction Project Manager).

Ethical Policy
We have discussed the possibility of working on a mission statement or some brief aims and objectives that will include our ethical responsibilities as well as our artistic and community intensions.

As soon as a date is agreed all Members and Supporters will be notified and invited to attend.


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Battle For Bankswood – Battle of the Bands

To help promote the Bankswood  Music festival and local music scene, we are holding a battle of the bands competition at the Oakwood in Glossop on the 4th July.  There will be a panel of music industry professionals judging the bands.

The winners of this competition will not only receive a slot to play live at this year’s festival, but also a day of rehearsing and recording in the highly spec’d Charlie Jones Venue at SSR in Manchester with help from Jay Beard (SSR’s Head of Live Sound), who’s students will be running the production for the festival.

If you’re in a band or know someone who might be interested and want to enter the battle of the bands or for more info on playing the festival, email bands@bankswoodmusic.com with a link to your material on youtube or soundcloud.

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Bankswood Festival Dates Anounced

The date fro bankswood festival 2013 has been set for Saturday 31st August and Sunday 1st September in Bankswood Park Hadfield. The event is free but a contribution is encouraged as local charities will benefit once the event is paid for.

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Art in the Window 2013

Dates for the art in the Window Festival 2013 have now been agreed.

Running through the whole of August we already have over 40 independent shops in the town signed up to take part. With an exciting group of artists including nationally & internationally renowned professionals and some of the extremely talented local armatures, Art in the window 2013 is going to be bigger and bolder than ever.

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A Vision For Glossop Halls


The town hall complex has been central to life in Glossop for well over 100 years, with the town hall building having been used from everything from a courtroom, to a music venue. However in recent history, whilst the municipal buildings have been fairly well maintained and used by HPBC, the indoor market has become dilapidated and is in desperate need of investment, whilst the town hall building is now pretty much derelict and unused.

Against this backdrop, 2 years ago a group of Glossop residents started talking about what a great place Glossop is, a vibrant, passionate community, located on the edge of the beautify peak district national park, and only 30 minutes from the centre of Manchester, and how under developed it was as a visitor location within that context.

At that point, we decided that we wanted to try to make a difference and to develop a vision for the future of Glossop, and created The Glossopdale Trust.

One of the key strengths of the town that was immediately apparent to everyone, was the strength of the creative community in the town, from art, to music, to writing and storytelling and performance. It seems to be that everyone is a musician, artist or performer of some kind.

The natural conclusion of this thinking was to look to support the Economic development of Glossop through the support of music and the arts within the town.

One issue that came out of this thinking was that if Glossop was looking to attract visitors to the town, it lacked a focus to draw people in, and to encourage them to stay and spend time in the town.

Bringing these threads together, we see a great opportunity to develop the town hall complex into a vibrant complex, focused around music and the arts, used and run by the community, for the community, that would attract people to visit the town and spend time in the town.

Some of the ideas that have emerged to date are set out below, however none of these are set in stone, and we will work with the local community to ensure that the final development delivers greatest possible benefits for Glossop, economically, culturally and socially.

  1. In partnership with the existing stall holders, to develop and upgrade the market hall, expanding capacity by removing the false ceiling, and creating a mezzanine floor with additional retail space which could accommodate working artists studio/ retail space, operating alongside new and existing market traders.
  2. To develop the town hall into a multi use performance space that could be used to host everything for rock gigs, to choral and classical concerts, drama and literary performances. A state of the art performance space managed by the community of Glossop.
  3. A municipal building, housing key local council services alongside, tourist information, community services and groups, and offering space for small business to thrive and grow!
  4. To integrate the 3 buildings into a single complex reflecting and celebrating the creativity & heritage of Glossopdale, and by installation of a new lift to make the entire complex connected and accessible to all.

In other words to create a complex in the centre of the town that will become the heart of the town, managed and used by the people of Glossop, and an attractive destination for those visiting the area.


To make this a reality, we are looking to work with the community of Glossop,  High Peak Borough Council, and an organization called Locality (www.locality.org.uk) to create a plan for the sustainable use and management of the Town Hall, Market and Municipal buildings in line with the vision outlined above.


The next step in this process is, working closely with locality, to create development plan for the town centre complex and to identify funding opportunities to finance this development.

The Glossopdale Trust is an asset locked  company limited by guarantee, that has different levels of membership open to everyone.

Anyone interested in getting involved in the Trust or the project, can get in touch via the “get involved” link on this website.


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