Autumn Newsletter

It’s been a busy summer since the spring newsletter back in March, with things moving forward on all fronts. We have had a number of outings as Bankswood Music, and the Halls project is moving forward steadily (if slowly).

One the down side, a lack of resources meant that we had to forgo running the Art in the Window Event in 2014, but we have hopes that it can rise again for 2015.

Bankswood music

Bankswood Music has had a number of outings this summer.

July, saw us working with HPBC and GALA to entertain  the crowds with live music in Manor Park after the Tour de France when it skirted the town.

Later in the summer the 4th Bankswood music festival joined forced with the Inspire Festival to create the Bankswood Inspire festival in Bankswood park, on the August Bank Holiday. A great weekend, which was blessed with great weather, and arguably the best line up yet.

Our final outing was just last weekend when again we brought live music to the annual Manor Park Bonfire Spectacular which was once again, expertly organised by the Glossop Round Table.

Glossop Halls

We often hear criticism for how slowly this project is moving. It is a large and complex project that can not be rushed, but rest assured it is moving forward, with some significant steps being taken over the summer.

Firstly, and very significantly, The Glossopdale Trust have now officially been named by HPBC as the partner organisation for the Halls project, and they have formally acknowledged their intention to transfer the Halls to us (subject to a workable & sustainable plan for the future of the buildings). This step has opened the door for us to apply for funding to support the project. This application is now in, and we are awaiting news.

We are currently starting work on  quantifying the size of the project and looking for sources of funding, including the preparation of a submission to the Heritgage Lottery Fund.

As this project moves forward, we are very keen to involve the whole community in developing a future for these buildings. Looking to inspire this involvement, we have created a video exploring some of the history of the town hall through the memories of people who have used the hall in the past. This video will be available on Youtube and our website in the coming weeks.

Looking forward

Looking forward, we are heavily involved in the Christmas celebrations in Glossop, with events on 29th November and 7th December as part of the “Glossop at Christmas” event in the run up to Christmas. (More information can be found on

Looking further ahead, we will continue to work on the Halls project, are already starting to plan Bnakswood Inspire 2015, and resources permitting, would like to see Art in the Window Return next year.

As always, if you or anyone you know would like to get involved, or simply show your support, head along to website and sign up.


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