Art In The Window

What’s it all about?

It's been a while since the last update and there have been a few things happening recently that have made me ask myself a question: Why do we do this? In particular,  two things have got me thinking: The recent Town Hall Sessions Festival Our bid to the HLF for funding for the Halls Project…
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Autumn Newsletter

It’s been a busy summer since the spring newsletter back in March, with things moving forward on all fronts. We have had a number of outings as Bankswood Music, and the Halls project is moving forward steadily (if slowly). One the down side, a lack of resources meant that we had to forgo running the…
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Art in the Window 2013

Dates for the art in the Window Festival 2013 have now been agreed. Running through the whole of August we already have over 40 independent shops in the town signed up to take part. With an exciting group of artists including nationally & internationally renowned professionals and some of the extremely talented local armatures, Art…
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