Glossop Halls

One of the key projects for the Trust is to try to develop a future for the Town Hall complex in the centre of Glossop, comprising the town hall, markets and municipal buildings.

This complex has been central to life in Glossop for well over 100 years, but in recent years whilst the municipal buildings have been fairly well maintained and used by High Peak Borough Council, the indoor market has become dilapidated and is in desperate need of investment, whilst the town hall building is now pretty much derelict and unused.

Our vision is to turn this group of buildings into that will become the heart of the town, managed and used by the people of Glossop, and an attractive destination for those visiting the area.

A new cultural & commercial centre for Glossop – owned and managed by and for the benefit of the community of Glossopdale, now and into the future.

We see a great opportunity to develop the town hall complex into a vibrant complex, focused around music and the arts, used and run by the community, for the community, that would attract people to visit the town and spend time in the town.

Some of the ideas that have emerged to date are set out below, however none of these are set in stone, and we will work with the local community to ensure that the final development delivers greatest possible benefits for Glossop, economically, culturally and socially.

  1. In partnership with the existing stall holders, to develop and upgrade the Market Hall, expanding capacity by removing the false ceiling, and creating a mezzanine floor with additional retail space which could accommodate working artists studio/ retail space, operating alongside new and existing market traders.
  2. To develop the Town Hall into a multi use performance space that could be used to host everything for rock gigs, to choral and classical concerts, drama and literary performances. A state of the art performance space managed by the community of Glossop.
  3. In the Municipal Buildings, house key local council services alongside, tourist information, community services and groups, as well as shared space for small business to incubate and grow.
  4. To integrate all three buildings into a single complex reflecting and celebrating the creativity & heritage of Glossopdale, and by installation of a new lift to make the entire complex connected and accessible to all.

In other words to create a complex in the centre of the town that will become the heart of the town, managed and used by the people of Glossop, and an attractive destination for those visiting the area.

To make this a reality, we are working with both the community of Glossop (of which we are part) and High Peak Borough Council to further develop plans in line with the vision outlined above, gain funding for the necessary works, and transfer the complex into community ownership.

The Glossopdale Trust is an asset locked company limited by guarantee, that has different levels of membership open to anyone.

Town Hall memories

As part of our project to bring the Town Hall back to life, we asked a number of people who have sued the building in the past to give us their memories

Hopefully it will get you thinking about how it could/should be used in the future. We would love to hear your feedback.