HLF The Next Step

We have now had the initial feedback from the HLF regarding the bid for funding to support the Halls Project, and whilst on this occasion the bid has been unsuccessful this is far from the end of the project.

Whilst the HLF funding has not been approved at this stage, initial feedback has been broadly positive, suggesting a desire to find ways to move the project forward. To this end we have a meeting with the HLF team in order to hear their feedback first hand, and discuss ways to take the project forward.

It is clear from the feedback, that there is still some work to do in developing the project. Specificly around a more detailed plan regarding  the management of  the halls once the redevelopment is complete, and in developing the heritage aspects of the project.

Furthermore, the feedback suggested the need to demonstrate the community's backing for the project. Whilst we firmly believe that this backing exists, we clearly need to do more to demonstrate this is the case.

With this in mind, we will be developing new initiatives over the coming months to allow people to get involved. In the meantime, one way you can do this now is to sign up as a supporter or member of The Glossopdale Trust. Not only will this demonstrate your support, but it will also allow you to keep up to date with what is happening on the project and other Glossopdale Trust activities.

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